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As a dyed-in-the-wool single woman in the A, I know about dating in my fair city…but I am always interested in other perspectives and experiences…

From the chapter “About a week later, as we wove through the sea of blankets at Screen on the Green, I prayed we wouldn’t run into any of my friends, who would never let me forget that my date was wearing gray flat-front dress pants, a tight baby-blue T-shirt and a wide Nike wristband. Raise your hands if you have gone out with a metrosexual (metrosexual: young straight stylish urban man: a young, straight, sensitive urban man who is unashamed to enjoy good clothes, stylish living, the art of decorating, and improving his personal appearance. It’s a bit unnerving to date a metrosexual…I guess because I am not always on point when it comes to my own presentation…I forever pick at my fingernails and so my hands tend to look jacked up more than I would like to admit…I probably wear clothes much longer than I should because I’m frugal and don’t like spending money on them if I can help it…I know, it sounds so anti-girly, huh?

I remember one fashionable guy I dated just blurted out once, “I think you are trying to be unsexy!

” He even brought a clothing catalog on one our dates to help me pick out some clothes that would look good on me…wow, huh? Toward the middle of the book, Blane delves into her relationship with then boyfriend, now fiance’, C.

I hope you are wrapping up your summer in a fabulous way!

I am – hence my lack of posts over the last week or so…I’ve been traveling…but my writing schedule will be back to normal in September…

Sooo, are you the type that has to be head-over-heals at the start of a relationship or are you content to let things simmer a while before getting hot?And now that I have introduced you to Blane, let’s get into her book…First of all, let me give a sampling of some of the chapter titles: …hmmm, sounds interesting, huh?I think what I like most about the book is that it highlights dating in the A….These two groups were, in many ways, the most easily influenced.Neither have much in the way of disposable income; in fact, a higher income level of the magazine’s target audience correlated with ads depicting exaggerated male behavior.

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