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In a bid to soothe hurt feelings, the conference broke tradition and allowed the Webfoots to play in a post-season contest other than the Rose Bowl.

They lost, but at day's end there weren’t many fans who were willing to concede that the better team had won." " Vincent X.Oregon lost the 1920 Rose Bowl to Harvard University, 7–6.In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Oregon made the first attempts to establish a nationally prominent football program by luring established Eastern coaches west, first John "Cap" Mc Ewan in 1926 from Army, then Clarence "Doc" Spears from Minnesota in 1930.In the 1916 season, Oregon went undefeated with seven wins and one tie under Bezdek, shutting out all but two opponents.They opened the season against Willamette University, defeating them 97–0. Oregon used ineligible players in two games and the Pacific Coast Conference title went to Washington, but Oregon was given the invitation to the 1917 Rose Bowl, then known as the Tournament East-West Football Game at Tournament Park due to the cost of a train ticket to Los Angeles being significantly less from Eugene than from Seattle.

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Oliver returned as head coach after the war, eventually posting a mediocre 23–28–3 cumulative record.

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