Rules of dating a musician

I usually have a few dark days when he first leaves on a long trip where feel too down to be creative, but just don’t let yourself stay in that place. My kitties keep me from feeling lonely more than anyone could ever know and it’s great having another heartbeat around the house when you feel a little down.

Or just there to give me a hug when I wake up in a bed covered in bugs that several exterminators can’t identify.From the moment he leaves until he comes back, I feel like I’m just one bad event away from a breakdown and that mental room that you usually have between going from calm to panic mode just disappears.It’s like you’re always living on the edge of a cliff and one stubborn spaghetti jar lid can push you over the edge.Send videos and text photos of what you’re up to during the day so you feel more connected, write letters or postcards, send him with notes to read throughout the trip, stuff like that. It’s really important to sit down and talk about what your max time apart will be.I usually have a post-it note from Todd up on the mirror while he’s gone so I can see it everyday. This may be different for each couple, but agree that you won’t go more than x amount of time without seeing each other when he’s away.

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